DHA Bahawalpur

6,500 Acre Residential Development

6500 Acres of game changing Satellite City in Southern Punjab


Promag assisted in development strategy formulation and viability assessment of this major suburban community, spanning over approximately 6,500 Acres, transforming the greenfield site into a thriving new livable community. The project has attracted major investments which have not only aided the viability of this development but have benefitted the city of Bahawalpur and the entire catchment area.

Planned as a suburban mini-city, the project offers various social classes of housing within a singular development in an integrated development with key focus on creating viable communities within a larger self-contained development with requisite amenities and facilities. These amenities include parks, playgrounds, stadium, schools, colleges, clubs, healthcare, and other communal facilities. The Residential Development also has commercial and recreational precincts adequately planned for these major activities within the project. The development has been planned to also have an 18-hole golf course, a theme park and an educational enclave.

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Development Advisory:

  • Location Study and Product Placement
  • Assistance in Development Strategy Formulation
  • Development Scheme Design
  • Planning Scope, Phasing & Project Delivery Method
  • Staged Development Strategies
  • Feasibility / Viability Assessment
  • Project Budgetary Analysis + Cash Flow Planning
  • Inventory Release Plan (in line with the financial strategy of the project)

Multidisciplinary Coordination & Design Management:

  • Master Planning*
  • Architectural Design*
  • Infrastructure Engineering Design*
    (Roads, Water Supply, Wastewater, Stormwater, Electrification, etc).

*Services undertaken in collaboration with affiliate Group Companies
LOCii INC. and Infraplan.

Project Management/ Supervision Services:

  • Principal Consultancy & Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Construction Planning, Programming & Scheduling
  • Resident Supervision
  • Construction Management
  • Claim Analysis and Management


6,500 Acres

Greenfield Site

100 Billion PKR

Estimated Cost of Construction for Infrastructure Development


Estimated Population

Staged Construction

Multiple Integrated Contracts

80+ Technical Staff

were deployed at Project Site